ToGetTher(E) is an initiative promoted by the Italian united partnership of the social
cooperative L’ARCO, whose aim is to offer to those who find themselves in difficult
conditions personal strengthening paths to guide them towards social and work inclusion,
and of the sport association UISP that aims to extend the sport to all citizens.

The cooperation between the two associations has been going on from a long time and
they had the chance to cooperate for the management of the refugees center in Fiumicino
(Rome, Italy) and for the spread of social services in their respective areas: Viterbo and
Terni Provinces.

ToGetTher(e) aim is to contrast the radicalization risk among youngsters and it wants to do
it through sport activities oriented towards inclusion. The Project aims to avoid the risk of
exclusion and radicalization and to foster integration. These objectives will be reached
through sport, considered a catalyst for empowering youngsters to enter positively the
society and a great opportunity of inclusion. The Project will involve 5 different Countries
and their different communities, namely: Greece, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, and Italy.

A particular attention will be given to the gender equality dimension and it will involve
disadvantaged people and people with any kind of difficulty.

The proposal has got the general objectives to:

The proposal has got the general objectives to:

-create opportunities to participate in sport activities to prevent radicalization
-create opportunities for young people to meet and cooperate in and through sport in
different European Countries
-promote networking through the participation to workshops and seminars at EU
level,cross-border dissemination and cross-fertilization of projects,thanks to the wide
international network of the Municipalities

An assessment strategy to measure the level of achievement of objectives will be based on the following indicators:

-Level of youth involvement
-Level of volunteers involved
-Level of gender balance
-Survey on radicalization risk in sport context
-Survey on sport value in EU
-Satisfaction questionnaire for direct and indirect participants

Environment and apply the basics of cultural mediation:

-Reinforcement of existing networks at EU level and participation in new ones for the
promotion of the social role of sport oriented towards anti-radicalization.

By following these objective and expected results the Project wants to result in durable and effective impacts:

-Using EU values and rules in sport context to avoid the risk of radicalization
-Better understanding of the radicalization consequences
-Contribute to enhance the sense of inclusion and belonging to a community

-Acquisition of knowledge concerning radicalization by coaches and staff working for them
to better work on its avoidance.
-Favoring dialogue and confrontation among youngsters and coaches
-Enhancement of the skills of sport coaches, operators and volunteers to work in a

The expected outcomes to be reached are:

-Free access to physical activities for people at risk of exclusion and radicalization
-Fostering the integration through sport
-Enhancing the civic participation in European contest
-Promotion of gender equality and EU values through education and sport practice
-Enhance the knowledge on radicalization and its consequences
-Preparation of sport operators and volunteers on how to take actions to prevent the risk of
-Enhancement of intercultural dialogue and understanding between young people
-Rise awareness of the added value of sport in promoting social inclusion
-Use this opportunity to allow youngsters to confront with each other, developing
multicultural dialogue and mutual comprehension

The specific objectives of ToGetTher(E) are to:

-Promote the organisation of effective and inclusive sport activities for young people and
-Promote sport culture and EU values through the educational role of sport to avoid
-Improve the knowledge about radicalization risks and consequences and the knowledge
of sport benefits concerning inclusion, also through exchange of experiences and direct
-Offer training opportunities for coaches and sport volunteers to work in multicultural
groups, enhancing skills in risk management and problem solving
-foster dialogue and mutual understanding among young people to fight extremism and

-promote the social role of sport

In particular the following sectors are in need of improvement:

-Health and access to services
-Educational and vocational training
-Employment and access to labor market
-Psycho-social support
-Social inclusion and participation into the local society.

Indicators of impact will be:

-number of young people that continue inclusive sport activities
-number of young people that complete the inclusion path
-number of initiatives of the participating communities
-development of networking and applicability of the project’s strategy
-avoidance of the radicalization risk among young people

The radicalization process is a powerful and risky phenomenon that is affecting our society
and most of all the youngsters. According to it, an individual or a group comes to adopt
extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that may undermine the status
quo of a nation. Many times the radicalization process is linked to violent extremism, with
the attempt to impose certain ideas.


The only way to fight this phenomenon is acquisition of knowledge, confrontation, open-
mindness, critical capacity, and other positive feelings that can be reached through sport.

In fact, sport plays an important role in the society to foster integration and inclusive
feelings, since it requires mutual comprehension, cooperation, mutual support, solidarity,



The Project foresees the participation of a total of 80 italian participants, included
youngsters and a team of sport operators and trainers who act as tutors and guide
facilitating their skills achievements in sport activities.