L’ Arco


The Story of “L’ Arco”

The Social Cooperative “L’Arco”, established in 2002, boasts a decade of experience in the business of taking charge, guidance and support of people in condition of social disease, marginalisation, unemployement or migration context.

The purpose of the Coop “L’Arco” is to offer personal strengthening paths and support for social inclusion. In this way, over the years, processes have been created to avoid the creation of criticalities due to phoenomena like marginalisation, racism, radicalisation or tendencies of social exclusion.

In the last three years “L’Arco” has been involved in the management of the “Secretariat Desk Social” for the Municipality of Gallese and the“ Coordination Service ”for the A.S. RM/D District 1 at the Municipality of Fiumicino.From 2015 the Coop “L’Arco” manages the “Il Fontanile” Reception Center, in which projects of social integration of subjects in conditions of serious marginality are carried out together with the Social Services of the Municipality of Fiumicino.

L’Arco cooperates actively with UISP Terni in projects aimed to use sport as a tool of social integration, education and enhancement of all the citizens, with no discrimination. UISP, of which the Terni Local Committee is part, is a sport association born with the intent to promote the right to sport among all the citizens, lifting barriers and discrimination.

The mission of UISP is to develop cultural, methodological and technical innovation to create new ways to enjoy sport activities at amateur level, giving to everyone the opportunity to participate. Many different initiatives are organised by UISP and its local committee in Italian cities, often with the active collaboration of other entities as Unicef, Amnesty International, Libera.

The Terni Local Committee is part of the “Sport Antenne” Project, founded by the European Union (Fondo Asilo, Migrazione e Integrazione 2014-2020) and supportend by UNAR, to fight discrimination and racism in sport activities.

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