The Walking Youth

The first planned activity, called “The Walking Youth” will consist of two excursions that will take place at the nature trails on the territories of the lead functions: the first from Gallese to Castel Bagnolo (Orte), which will take place on Saturday 11 July, and the second along the route to the Marmore waterfalls (Terni) which will take place on Saturday 22 August.

The aforementioned activities involve young people at risk of radicalization between the ages of 14 and 20 and for a maximum number of 25 participants.

The program includes a natural walk, a lunch in nature offered by the organizers and an outdoor seminar with bio-nutrition experts.

It will be an excellent opportunity to start again and breathe a new freedom with the right pace.


For information contact the number 0761 402770 or the e-mail address

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